I have been meaning to get new things started, and finish off project on my needles.

And also thinking of other little things to organize.

But firstly I had to finish the projects for my swap partners.  The one was a pretty little set of mittens, and the other was for a pair of socks.  So those took priority.  And I finished them all, and popped them in the mail.  The mittens is from a local natural yarn, “Nurturing Fibres” that I ordered from naturalyarns.co.za.  This yarn knitted so lovely.  And the mittens turned out very pretty and warm.Image

2013-04-22 17.12.40

In the meantime, I have been ordering yarns for my daughter for some winter goodies, and the yarns have arrived, my daughter had chosen some pretty scarf patterns and I needed to get started.  I have rolled the ball of yarn, and it looks very pretty.  I am ready to start.Image

I have also started on the hat I promised myself for the winter, the first one of two.  I have received gorgeous homespun yarn in a swap, and have put it aside for this winter’s hat.  So the hat is on the needles, and looking and feeling very pretty, soft and warm. Image

My beige cowl, also one of two promised to myself for the winter, is complete.  This is 100% merino yarn, and I love it.  The buttons on the cowl is just for show, and adds a bit of weight for drape.  The buttons are glazed clay, handmade locally in SA.  It turned out very soft, and drapes perfectly.Image

But I did not just knit in the past few weeks.  I have a few very old silver teaspoons that I got from my mother and grandmother, many years ago.  They were in a drawer, and I had the thought of displaying them, but not in a traditional teaspoon case.  So I got some pretty paper, and a pretty card, some other little odd bits, and put them all together in a little display boxframe.  There is still a bit of space in the frame, and I think in my travels I will probably find some extra goodies to add to the box to compliment the spoons.


I did however find some really pretty little charms on my travels and shopping, and since it was a lovely holiday here, I settled in at my desk, in the early morning sun, while the room was still warm and comfy, and made myself a few extra stitch markers, one can never have too many.  I am happy with them, they turned out pretty cute.


Next up, to cast my daughter’s cowl on the needles.  The yarn is from Hartlam, The colour is Autumn Sunset.  It looks very pretty on the ball, and I cannot wait to see how it will knit and pool.