Up until the Easter Weekend, we have not yet really had cold weather, and were enjoying the most pleasant and mild Autumn days.  It was still the type of weather that we could go and spend time outside.

But Mother Nature had her own ideas!  No sooner did we venture into April, when things changed.  We had some late rain during the week, which lasted a good day and all night.  And with that came the cooler weather, maybe even considered cold.  It brought the first single digit temperatures for the nights.  I suddenly had to get blankets out of cupboards and haul sweaters out.

And with that, came my eager yearning to knit.  I normally knit all summer, and always have a few projects going during summer, including some crochet and sewing projects.  But I always find myself eager to knit so much more when the weather is cooler and wintery.

So I spent a few days digging through my yarn stash, and looking at loads of patterns.  My creativity was running wild, and I wanted to make just about every pretty pattern I came across.  But finally I settled on some projects, selected my patterns and chose my yarns.  I know these will not be the only projects for this winter, as I will still be making socks.  And I have a package of yarns on order for my daughters winter goodies, but at least now I can ease my desire to knit like a woman on a mission.


Winter 2013 planning – Two Cowls


Winter 2013 planning – Two Hats


Winter 2013 planning – Two small Shawls

I am planning 2 hats, 2 cowls and 2 shawlettes, for starters that is.

I have started the Ishbel Shawl, using my Manos Lace in Fathoms Colourway.


Ishbel Shawl in Manos Lace