I love goodies and gifts from other countries.  Especially if I am not able to get them here!

So I was very pleased to receive these awesome gifts and goodies from Europe recently, when Nicholas visited Belgium, Holland and France.

Bags bags bags


I love bags, all and any bags.  So I got a stunning bag from “Lief” that is perfect for my yarns, bigger projects and many more.  And of course, two Delhaize shoppers.  The small pocket bag now permanently stays in my handbag, just in case I need a bag quickly.  It folds up into a tiny square, and takes up no space at all.



Scarfs from Paris, in my two favourite colours.  I love blue, and this blue scarf is perfect.  The brown/beige scarf is perfect for the office, as my signature office wear is mainly shades of beige and cream.  (Makes getting dressed for the office easy).

Are these little Dutch clogs not to pretty?  The fridge magnets with Miffy already have a very special place, I love bunnies and Miffy!!  The other little clogs will live in the bookshelf, along with my other special gifts and goodies from all over the world.