Sparkling Amethyst…Image

I was introduced to the gorgeous Manos del Uruguay Yarns recently by Gina Ross on Ravelry.  This is not a yarn that I have yet seen here in Johannesburg at my Local Yarn Shops, so to see the yarns on her website ( was an experience.

Gina then had a stunning purple yarn, and asked us Ravellers to suggest names for this beautiful colourway.  Striking and appropriate names were suggested, and I decided to add my ten cents worth as well.  As it was February, and my birth month, the colour made me think of my birthstone, Amethyst.  And the yarn was variegated, so it most obviously reminded me of a piece of sparkling amethyst.

Great was my surprise when Gina mailed me to say I had won!  The prize was a super soft skein of Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend in Sparkling Amethyst.  I could not believe it.  I was so happy.Image

I then met Gina at the Hobby X in March, where Gina had a stall with the Manos Del Uruguay yarns for sale.  I collected my prize from her, and bought some stunning yarns at the same time.  I also met Raveller “knitforklipskaap” Claire, and we had a nice chat about the very pretty shawl she was wearing.


I had to restrain myself, and had a good look on the website to decide which yarns I would love to take home.  So firstly I decided that I should at least get an extra sparkling amethyst, and these would be for a project for myself.  Then I also bought Manos Serena in the Wildflowers colourway, I could not resist it, so soft and pretty.  I bought Manos Lace in Eclipse for my daughter, she loves black and gray, and this colour is so perfect.  I also took a skein of Manos Lace in Fathoms, although I am not yet sure what I will be making from it.  When my daughter saw the black and gray yarn, she immediately grabbed it, gave it a big hug, and said “This is for me hey?  That are you making me?  Oh, this is so soft and silky!”


Gina also stocks Nurturing Fibres on her website, and had a huge range and variety with her at the Expo.  Nurturing Fibres are from a farm in Philadelpia, near Cape Town, where Carle Dehning lives and works, producing these stunning dyed yarns.  I had promised myself a sock yarn, in the Springbokkie colourway, and I was even more pleasantly surprised at it when I could hold it in my hands.  I loved it when I saw it on the website, and loved it even more when I bought it.  I am definitely looking forward to making socks with this beautiful yarn. 

My other shopping included a yarn for a swap partner on Ravelry, as I am making a pair of mittens for her.  The Escape was perfect, as it had my swap partners favourite colours in it.  And when I saw the Mint on the shelves, I stashed two singles skeins immediately.

Thank you Gina and Carle for the very pretty yarns.  I am already using my Escape and cannot wait to cast on with some of the others as well.