Recently I have been thinking that I would like to learn even more about knitting, especially various techniques.  For instance, I am not good at Kitchener stitching socks, so prefer to knit “toe-up” socks rather than “cuff-down”.

And using beads in knitting.  I have crocheted beads into work on many occasions, and fondly remember the time when beads in crocheted “net doilies” were very popular on the farm where I grew up, to cover especially food items with.  But knitting with beads I have only tried once or twice.

So I was very pleasantly surprised when my daughter presented by with the book “Knit step by step” by Vikki Haffenden & Frederica Patmore as a gift.

What makes the book so special, is that is contains about 200 different knitting techniques, explaining each one in easy detail, without being lengthy.  Each technique is clearly illustrated with beautiful colour photographs that makes it very easy to follow and understand.  It literally feels like it is inviting you to try it, even if you have never knitted that technique before.

The book also covers a section of knitting accessories, items to start with, items to get as you progress, must haves, nice to haves, and many more.  Then it also features a beautiful section on the different types of yarns and its uses.  I found this most interesting and useful, as yarns are so pretty and can be overwhelming, especially to a newcomer.

My other favourite thing about the book is the section on patterns / stitches.  The basic set-up of a stitch pattern is given, with the amount of stitches, repeats and rows, etc. that makes up the pattern.  This can then easily be used to design any item that you intend using the pattern for.  It makes it so much easier.  With these guides, even I can now look at designing my own patterns and goodies.

What I also really like about the book, is that is not filled with patterns for projects.  It has 10 projects, that you can try your hand at and use the techniques.  I prefer to purchase some of the amazing magazines and pattern books available when I am looking for a pattern or a project I plan to make.  So having a book that primarily focuses on techniques is exactly what I have been looking for.

This is definitely not a book that I will be putting away or leaving on the bookshelf.  I would like to have it around for many more projects, and intends keeping it close to my workspace, so I can refer to it any time I plan something.