I have always loved knitting, and the heavier yarns were some of my favourites.  I love Aran yarns, and would always find myself making sweaters and blankets.  I did knit with other yarns as well, and hats, mittens and scarfs were frequent projects.  Every autumn I would get the usual orders for hats and mittens for the coming winter, and scarfs.  Baby goodies in very fine yarns were only made to order.

But last year I started on Socks.  And I loved the yarns, the patterns, the designs and designers.  It was endless.  Socks knitted so fast, and were so lovely to make, for myself, friends, family and swap partners.  The huge variety of yarns and colours made sock knitting my next best favourite to knit.

And then a friend I met (Hotsock on Ravelry) gifted me the pattern, The Blue Eye of Poseidon.  It is for a beautiful lace shawl.  I have admired shawls and lace knitters from afar, but have never tried it myself.  So I set of on a new path, with lots of encouragement.  I shopped around, and got a stunning Merino yarn, in a very pretty slightly variegated blue, as I love blue yarns.

The shawl pattern is so well written, I was able to knit with ease, and it knitted a lot faster than I had thought I would be able to do it.  But most of all, it was lots of fun to knit, to see the lace grow in your hands, see the delicate pattern unfolds.  It was so worth it.  I carefully washed and blocked it, and the results were even stunning for me.  I was very happy with my very first shawl, it turned out beautifully, and I love it.

I am ready to start the next lace item, be it either a shawl or a lace scarf.