I recently decided that I needed to change my bathroom, but not big changes, just small ones, as I was pretty happy with the way it was, but wanted it a bit different.

After some planning and putting ideas together, I decided to upgrade the look slightly to a bit of a vintage feel.

I shopped for fabric, and found stunning stripy material in a colour that I have not yet bought for any room in the home. A very dark salmon / rose colour, that felt just right.

For the prints I wanted to add, I knew just where to get them from. The Pennyfather Store was the perfect place, and I ordered crowns as the main theme, and some extras, as one can never just order one print or design. The bees were my next favourite, and they complimented the new snow white fluffy guest towels perfectly.

Next was a new curtain for the window, and I was able to find an antique looking lace that looks nearly hand-woven. The colour is a cream / off white, that contributed perfectly for the look.

I did all the sewing of the fabric to the towels myself, I am not good at sewing, but I can do straight lines. And this did not even take long.

Then for a new potplant or two, that brightens any room, no matter how small. I decided to store all the goodies in the bathroom in glass jars. I did not want the clutter of store bought items, so glass jars and containers bring the look together. Big jars filled with seashells makes a statement, and I have a selection of various other glass jars with my bathsalts, bubble baths and other goodies to finish of the look.

This was a happy and easy make-over that I had a lot of fun with, it makes a big difference in a small room.