I have knitted for as long as I can possibly remember, and have always loved making things with my hands, and being creative.

During 2012, I made the decision to knit more, or at least more often. I wanted to get back into knitting, doing more than just the one or two items during winter, or for winter.

But before I started, I also promised myself, that I would not start a project that I would not finish. If I cast it on, I must finish it, or rip it. I made the promise to myself not to have unfinished projects sitting around for months. I decided to only knit projects that I would love to make, and all should be “made with love”.

No matter how big or small the project would be, I would make it if it appeals to me. And always finish what I have started.

So 2012 had seen a lot of projects being made, including a beige jacket sweater for myself for coming winters, a cowl for myself, socks for myself and as gifts for family members, hats, mittens and more. My favourite of course was the little bunny ear hat I made for a tiny little baby.

Swap socks were also on the cards, and I made socks for Klarie in Holland, Sarah in the USA and Chrissie in Singapore, receiving from Sally and Deb in the USA, and Sue in Germany. Klarie sent me a precious little gift parcel that included a beautiful cross stitch cloth that I would love to start on.

I also ventured into lace knitting, thanks to the encouragement from Sue in Germany. Sue gifted me a pattern for the Blue eye of Poseidon, which I started during the December Summer Vacation. It is a beautiful pattern that is so well written, and easy to follow. I know that in future lace knitting will be one of my favourites, next to knitting socks.

My plans for 2013 is to carry on with this trend, I have already cast on a baby jacket for friends, and cushions for my daughter’s home. One project in very fine yarn, and the other in very heavy yarn. I have also started a beige crochet doily, and have realized just how much I really missed crochet. I intend making a lot more crochet items, it is such a fine art.

Happy knitting to all 😉