Going to the Hobby X is a yearly calendar event in my diary.  The event that is not to be missed.  No matter what your hobby, you will find it here.  And more.  Best of all, you are bound to meet up with suppliers from all over SA, from far out areas you would not have the opportunity to get to all the time.  So you get to see new goodies that is for sure.  I am always happy to experience new things.

The September Expo was held in Midrand.  And this time, I decided not to go with the car, but take the train.  I want to say a big thanks to Nicholas, who helped me, and travelled on the train with me, so I would not be alone.  Thanks for the pleasant company.

And a very big thank you to the lovely lady Pam, whom I met on the bus travelling to the expo from the station, that so very graciously shared her complimentary tickets with me.  You are indeed an exceptional person, and I am very lucky to have met you.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed the Hobby Expo as much as I did.  I hope you enjoyed the stay in Johannesburg, even though it was wet and rainy while you were in Johannesburg, and travelled home safely.  Enjoy your photography and Happy Scrapping.

As usual, the expo did not disappoint.  The variety of hobbies covered by the exhibitors were very varied, although I did miss the beading suppliers.  Normally there would be quite a few.  I had a wonderful time, it was not to overcrowded yet, (that normally happens during the weekend) but on the Friday it was just very pleasant, and you were able to get into the stalls without much trouble.  And with it being such a rather cool and very wet day, the food kept us warm and comfy.  Thank you Nescafe for all the coffee.

I got some really awesome goodies for both myself and my daughter.  Yarn, sock yarn, a project bag, quilting cloth, and just so much more.

I met the really lovely ladies from “Skapie”, a knitting / crochet supplier from Cape Town, and was introduced to Katia wool, imported from Spain.  Oh my, this yarn is so soft and squishy.  I was so tempted to buy yarn in every colour, but settled for yarn for 2 items, as I know I can order the others online.  And of course, I just had to have sock yarn.  The most beautiful blue shaded, “Jeans” colour variation, and I cannot wait to get it on the needles, definitely an Alice Yu, or maybe I will be brave and try a Cookie A.  They are also stockists of Knit Pro circular needles.  Now I can order circular needles from them, and build on my ever growing collection.  I am now registered at www.skapie.co.za and cannot wait to order more Katia yarn for my stash.

Another new supplier I met, were the mother and daughter team from “Pennyfather store”, suppliers of printed fabric, in a very unique vintage style.  They were really helpful, and I bought a few pieces of lovely soft cloth, with very unique printed pictures on it.  The cloth is soft and smooth, and the printed designs are just so very pretty.  I had a hard time deciding which pieces to take, they have such a large range and variety, and so very reasonably priced.  My daughter was very happy with the cloth, as she loves to sew and quilt, and I just have to get the “Karoo”designs, for some pretty pillow cases.  I am thinking of combining the designs with a 1800 pinstripe type of fabric.  Very vintage looking.  Lucky for me, I can email them for a catalogue and place online orders at pennyfatherstore@gmail.com.

I also got lovely quilting cloth for my daughter, with the cutest owls on, as I know how much she loves owls.  She was most happy.  Then I could not resist getting a piece of cloth for myself, which I will ask my daughter to make me a small quilt with.  Just loved the design, and the pretty kitties.

The best buy for the day would be the new project bag I got at the Expo.  It is just the sweetest bag I have ever owned.  It is not too big, nor too small, and would easily be able to hold any sock or shawl or medium sized project, with a nice long shoulder strap.  It is actually 4 compartments in one bag, all with zippers, so you can carry more than one project, have place for patterns and extra needles, and even a small pocket for stitch markers, needles, tape measure and other goodies.  Definitely a must have for any project.

I met awesome new suppliers, and got time to chat to old friends as well.  And travelling with the Gautrain was so much easier than going with the car.  No traffic, no trying to find parking, no queues, no hassle.  Quick, easy and comfortable.  The bus dropped us of and picked us up, right outside the conference venue.  And the Gautrain staff is always friendly and helpful, even the cool wet weather did not dampen their cheerful attitudes.  The Gautrain is warm and fast and quiet, and I was home again in no time.

All in all, it was a wonderful day.