We kind of lose it.

I have always had this extreme fascination with snow, you know, the pretty white stuff.  Fortunately I live in a very nice country, with nearly perfect weather (at least in my mind), and snow is now not exactly part of that pretty picture.

But every now and then (years apart at least) we here in sunny Johannesburg do have the opportunity to actually experience snow.  And this year, in August, it happened.  To my absolute delight.

The night before, the weather report came in to expect snow.  Immediately the excitement levels went sky-high.  We watched outside until as late as possible, and was up very early again to check.  However, nothing yet.  It had turned very very cold, and we were ready.

On the way to the office, I listened to the radio and the reports of snow were coming in fast.  Reports towards the south and west was the most.  I got to the office, with no sign of snow yet.  However it did then not take too long.  I could see the flakes starting to fall, with little intervals in-between.  Soon it was starting to come down harder, and eventually it really snowed.

I was so very happy and excited, my favourite pretty white stuff!!  Oh wow!!  I did not work much after that, as I was too busy having the time of my life outside.  It was cold, very cold, but so worth it.  The last time it snowed in Johannesburg were 10 years ago, so being out in the snow was all that mattered.  I love the way everything seems to change when it is snowing.  People are just full of laughter, having fun, being carefree.

I envy those that live in countries that have more regular snow.  I think they are all very lucky.  To have that experience yearly must be a beautiful time.  It looks so very pretty, and the serenity of it just makes me so happy.

So I enjoyed the bit of snow we had for all that it was worth.  I left the office earlier, in order to avoid the traffic on the freeway home, and spent the afternoon at home, with loved ones and animals, making warm and cosy feeling food.  Soon it would be over, melting away, and we would be back to normal, with nothing more than pretty memories and photographs.  Who knows; maybe again for the next 10 years.  But I hope not.  I love the white wintery stuff!!

And with that , the next day, all was back to normal.  The weather was still a bit cold, but soon the warmer weather returned, as we do not really experience extreme cold winters.

And now, about 3 weeks later, we are looking at spring.  The weather have turned so lovely, balmy and springtime warm, that we are already wearing short sleeves and sandals.  Can you imagine, 3 weeks ago it snowed, and today I am in summer sandals and short sleeves.  How things change overnight.

Until next time, enjoy and take care.

Dark clouds rolling in

Snow falling – so lovely

Look, it is snowing

Garden at the office starting to show white