After some time and even some more trials and errors, I have made it.  A “reasonable” project in mosaics.

I had done some various small items in mosaic tiles, and have tried and worked on some various items, etc.  Each one came out just fine, according to all that saw them, and was found pretty and nice, etc.  No reason to think they were not fine, but I wanted something bigger and better.

So since I already have a pretty big range of tiles in an assortment of my favourite colours, I started looking for a project to start and complete.  Not to big, but not so small either.  And something to display, as all the previous project were all for “useful” items, i.e. glass coasters, warm coffee mug coasters, a box for the dogs treats, etc. etc.

When out and about, this frame caught my eye!  I love photos, especially of the family, and I have framed photographs just about everywhere.  So another frame would be good.  Well, the frame came home and the work started.  It is winter here now, (May / June 2012) and of course cutting the small tiles even smaller was the hardest.  My fingers were red and cold, but worth the effort.

And here is the final result.  I pretty frame, in one of my favourite colours, for a pretty photo.  I choose a little display stand, to put the frame on, as I wanted it to be seen when you entered the dining room, where it was on the dining room table.  It is just to pretty to be anywhere else.

Now for the next one, or maybe I will just wait a bit for summer to arrive, I am sure it will be easier on the fingers!