Loving Johannesburg

I love living in sunny South Africa, and love Johannesburg.  It is such an amazing and pretty city.  It varies from the one to the other, but my best places to visit is the older places, with the old buildings.  Some are still pretty and well kept, some have not taken the test of time so well.  When I get to visit these places, I always seem to feel so very happy and think of times gone by, bygone eras, and the old Johannesburg seemed so very fascinating.

A lovely part of Johannesburg is the Arty / Cultural area of Newtown.  It is a very interesting and happening part of Johannesburg, and I am very at home here.  It is a stone’s throw from my workplace, and I make a point of it to travel through Newtown on my way home every day.  Just in case I miss anything?

One of my favourite places is the old Park Station Building.  Standing alone and empty, it is a place that just fascinates me.  It is not derelict, and very popular for photo shoots, and used regularly by various people.  When I pass it, I always seem to think of the time when gentlemen and ladies would use the trains, and used the station as a meeting place.  But alas, now it is just a place of dreams.

Another really cool and nice place is “The Bus Factory” in Newtown.  It used to be the old workshops for the busses in Johannesburg, where they would be repaired.  The Johannesburg bus system was so great, and popular by all that made use of the bus.  Now the workshop is a great place for artists, designers and all the likes.  I love the café inside the building, and have had some of the very best breakfasts here, sitting in the “lounge” area inside this huge workshop.  The staff here is so very friendly and chatty.  They are eager to chat to you and give helpful advice and suggestions.

Various other cafes are all around, and having breakfast out and about is always on the top of my list.  You know what they say, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  So it is always breakfast for me at some interesting little place.

I hope you enjoy your days and nostalgic trips, and most of all, a good breakfast.