Some time ago my daughter bought me these two gorgeous bronze “African symbols”.  Both were just attached to a black cord, so wearing them was not always feasible, as they did not quite suit my style.  I loved them, and did not put them away, they sat on my dressing table looking pretty.

So I decided to redo them, in something more my style, easy to wear, and not to flashy, but still pretty.

As I have boxes and boxes of beads, I decided to see what would match and work.  It was not hard to find the right matching colours and sizes and shapes.  I tend to buy beads every opportunity I get, so I have more than enough when I want to work with them.  All I had to do, was go shopping for a nice bronze chain, which I found easily, and I think it just fits perfectly.  The one piece is a very everyday piece, with its round pendant like look.  The colour of the bronze chain and beads I think compliments each other just as well.  This is a perfect piece to wear during autumn and winter, it goes with just about any outfit and winter sweater.

The second piece I based on the idea I had of a more religious piece, and a bit more elegant, small beads, with gold to compliment the bronze, giving it a more expensive and luxurious look.

I am very happy with both pieces, and now I no longer have to just have them sit on my dressing table, looking pretty, but I can grab them and wear them any time.  With the winter on its way, they are just what I need to wear.  And the very best part, I already have bronze earrings and a bracelet to wear with them.

So now for the next piece or two, or maybe I should get out the wool and knitting, I love knitting in winter, especially large pieces, as I can keep it on my lap and keep nice and warm.  Or else, just a few pairs of socks, just for the fun of it!