This was my Grandmothers locket.  She gave it to me many years ago, still with the original little photographs inside.  It is now nearly ten years since she had passed away.

I have been trying many ways to wear it, but always undid my work.  Satin ribbons, velvet ribbons, organza ribbons, gold chain, nothing really seemed to work!  I would wear it a few times, and then decide that the piece is just not right or is just not working.  It is not doing justice to my Grandmothers locket.  So every time I would change my mind and change the jewellery piece.  This was at least for a couple of years.

But then I came up with the idea that I should not just try and do justice to the locket, but actually make it my own.  That is why my Grandmother gave it to me anyway.  So I incorporated it into my own style of jewellery pieces, matching and complimenting it with other favourites.  Pretty charms, lace and pearls.  And not the modern blingy gold either.  And finally, it all came together.  Soft, romantic and mysterious, yet simply and elegant.

I am really very happy with the final results.  I have worn this jewellery piece quite a few times now, and every time I have received many compliments.  I now know this piece is working for me, and it just feels good to wear it.

Trial, tried and tested.  This time I am sure that I will not be changing my design again.