Summer project

This will be my summer project.  Or maybe it will be a project that I will be working on for the next year.  It is a medium sized cotton tablecloth, with pretty butterflies.  After working on the crochet edge for some time, I am finally done with it.  Now the time has come for me start the embroidery of the butterflies.  I have not yet quite decided on the exact techniques I want to use, but I have enough cottons available in my stock to really enjoy them.

Family Heirlooms

Recently I had the inspiration from one of my “blogging friends” to sit down and look at the crochet work I do, and the pieces of crochet work and doilies I still have that I received from my Mom, Grandmother and great Grandmother over the years.

It was a truly inspirational trip into history for me.  Looking at the crochet work all together in one place, one only realizes just how different each women’s style was, and just how very much it reflected on her personality through her work.

I remember my great Grandmother as a stunning English lady, that was very proper.  I will always remember how we children were only allowed to have our cooldrinks on the back porch, and not in the house.   I don’t have many pieces from her, but this pineapple doily is one that she made.  From the fine and delicate work, and the details, it reflects just how perfect she was.

My grandmother was an extremely vibrant, outgoing, colourful person.  She lived life to the fullest every moment.  She was always ready to make you smile.  There was nothing she could not do.  She raised my father during the second World War, and worked as a seamstress to put food on the table while my grandfather was away in Italy.  She taught me to crochet when I was very young.  She tried to teach me to sew, as she did it with perfection, but I never quite got the hang of it.

Her doilies shows how much fun she had with everything she did.  Colourful and different.  The doily with the pansies are still one of my favourites, that I tend to keep around for special occasions in summer, when you just feel like that burst of colour.

My Mom loved A LOT of everything.  She was not fond of crochet as much, and of all the pieces I still have, hers are the only pieces that are knitted.  I have a set of three doilies that she knitted.  She embroidered a lot.  Her embroidery shows her love for plenty of everything.  I think if she could add more designs into one doily she would.  And colours, lots and lots of them all.

My embroidery seems to be less, more delicate.  I crochet more, my borders seems so much wider.  And I think I went through a “pink phase” as I have a lot of pink items.  Now I seem to be following more in my Mom and Grans footsteps, and are loving many more colours, specially all shades of blue, and of course, autumn colours.

It was truly interesting to look back at the work done over centuries by the women in my family.

Swap Buddy Goodies ready

It is that time of the year, when the swaps are wrapping up and I am ready to post out some of my packages.

One package is for a buddy in Canada and the other is in Europe.  Then I am still working on a last package for a buddy in the USA.  I have ordered her yarn and will be starting to knit her gift any day now.

I added some red yarn to this package, as I found them at the last minute and since my buddy likes red as well, I could pop them in the package at the last moment.

I found a really cute owl keychain, and the eyes light up and it “hoots” when you press the button.  And some typical SA ribbons, hope she likes it as much as I did.


Finished the last scarf for the year

Part of the knitting and planning for the year, included a few scarfs and shawls, inbetween all the other projects that I did as well.

The one scarf that I worked on the least, had now finally reached completion.  It is about time.  It is a light cotton scarf, and I think it would be perfect for summer wear, to finish off an outfit and add a little touch of colour.

I look forward to our first summer rains, when it is rainy and cloudy and grey here.  Then I can wear this pretty and soft scarf to add a bit of subtle colour to the day.

Baby Giraffe!

This weekend I decided to not go anywhere, and just spend the day with my Baby Giraffe.  She had been waiting so very patiently for me.  Now she is finally done, and I am pleased with the way she turned out.


And waiting in the wings for the Festive Season Holidays, is Wilber and Peaches.  Peaches has wobbly joints, and I think she is going to steal my heart.  I decided to get only 2 to make.  (for now at least, I can not resist these lovely little furry babies.)  Wilbur reminds me of Chocolote Swirl Ice Cream  :-)

Wilber and Peaches

Wilber and Peaches

I did however get out afterwards, and while out and about this weekend, a bit early for the Festive Season, I came across this cute little beaded Reindeer.  Will look so cute anywhere in the home.  In the meantime this colourful Giraffe can sheer us up each day, who would not be smiling when greeted by such a cheerful lot of colours.

Some finished projects

After finishing knitting my daughters sweater, I could not really find buttons that I really liked.  It took a while, but finally I got some that I think works with the yarn and pattern.  They have a slight pearly glow, and looks rather pretty.

Spring Sweater

Spring Sweater

My swap buddy is getting a cowl!  Yes, she loves cowls, and a striped one is always a good idea for those fun days.

Now for some more summer knitting and other summer projects.  It is October already, and soon it will be Festive Season, I need to start working on some gifts and goodies, also decorations for the house.


Test knit Shawlette

This little shawl turned out so very pretty, I am so happy to have had the opportunity to test knit it.

It is here on Ravelry, now available.


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When it comes to sewing, I can do a good straight line, and that is about it.  My sewing skills do need work.  :-)

But every now and again I do sew, and it is often combined with knitting or crochet.

So when I bought these stunning cotton yarns, I was not sure what they would become.  In the end, they turned out pretty okay as potholders.  I added then to fabric, and attached clips and rings for hanging.

The black ones are for my daughter, her home is pretty modern, and the more vintage ones for my own place.


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