Little Yellow Duck Project

As part of a group on Ravelry we were recently challenged to join the Little Yellow Duck Project and put South Africa on the map.

What is the Little Yellow Duck Project?

The Little Yellow Duck Project involves people around the world handcrafting little yellow duck gifts as random acts of kindness that are left in public places for others to find.  A special tag on each one invites the finder to take their gift home to brighten their day and to visit their website to register where they found their gift.  The hope is that the stories and information found here on the website, will encourage them to pledge their own random act of kindness by registering to donate blood, bone marrow, organs tissues.

As things goes around here, you should probably never challenge a South African, as we are almost always up to the challenge.

The moderators of two SA Ravelry groups decided to divide SA into two areas, the North and the South, to have a smaller challenge within a bigger challenge.  Living in Johannesburg, I am in the Northern group.

This project is close to my heart, as my daughter, my sister and myself are already blood donors.  I immediately started to make a few little yellow ducks.  As I am an avid Game of Thrones fan, and being in the North, with some friends in the South, I could not resist naming my Duckies after characters from Game of Thrones.  I have started with a few, Tyrion, Robb Stark, Jon Snow to name a few.  I hope they do their namesakes proud.

Our aim in SA is to set the duckies free during the month of August, for our own smaller contests and prizes to be won.  Thereafter we will still set ducks free to keep the project going and still drive awareness.

These are my first Duckies, ready for setting free in the Urban Jungle here in Johannesbug.


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Handmade Small Giraffe

This is a small and quick project that I just started.  She was just so cute, I could not resist making her.


All stitched up.  Now ready to create her ears, horns, face and fur.  She is going very quickly and will be finished much faster than I had thought.


Finished some goodies this Winter Vacation!

I was a real little busy bee this Winter vacation, and finished a few things, even a Lace Shawl that I started nearly 6 months ago.

This is a Glam Shells Lace shawl that I had been working on for a while, and had put it down and now finally finished it.  When I got going again, it was much better.  I even added beads to the edge of the shawl.  It should inspire me to do more very detailed lace in future.

I completed the shawl I was knitting from Handspun, it knitted to beautifully, and is so very warm and cozy.  This is a pattern that I modified and adjusted as I progressed.


And the mini crescent shawl that I knitted for a buddy is also done.  It is blocked and ready to be mailed to her.  I hope she will like it.  I am going to be making more of this shawl, and am thinking about adding beads to the lace edge, the patter lends itself to it very well.


When I was not knitting, I worked on the Mini Bear Anscheri that I was sewing.  She turn out pretty cute!  I think now she needs a friend, so I will be making another one pretty soon.


And of course, who can resist such a stunning Custom Dye.  Pointe Shoes from Hartlam, here in South Africa.  I have been very good with my stash, but I could not resist and placed an order for these pretties.  I love the colour and want to knit it pretty soon.



I love Winter :-)

I just love the Winter here in SA.  It is not so very cold, and still sunny.  We have rather pleasant days still.

But we also have the colder days, which is my perfect excuse to stay home, and KNIT!  We had a few of those so far, and I made very good use of each and every moment to find a warm spot and knit to my heart’s content.

Some of my WIP’s are now finished, and I am working on new projects.

The two scarves I was working in, are both done.  Blocking a bit on the slow side, due to colder weather.

I have been working on this shawl for myself.  A very good friend of mine sent me a link on Youtube to a beautiful song.  ( Watching the video and listening to the song inspired me to make this shawl.  The yarn is Lelana Handspun in colourway chrysanthemum.  It is knitting absolutely beautifully, I am creating the design and pattern and size as I go.  I have loads of notes and drawings to keep me on track.

This is the small crescent shawl that I am knitting for a swap buddy of mine, from Germany.  I was gifted the pattern from a friend in the USA. It is: Alby by Bonne Marie Burns I am considering starting one for myself as soon as I have finished my buddy’s shawl.

And finally, I did actually get around to cutting the fabric and mohair pieces to start working on the miniature Bunny I had been planning to make.  So far I have sewn the head pieces together.  I will be working on my Bunny during my upcoming Winter Vacation.

My love for Venus

It has finally come to say Goodbye to my lovely lady Venus.



She came into my life more than twenty years ago, as a tiny little black ball of fluff.  (smaller than a ball of yarn).  She had kept me and my daughter company over many years, including many late nights of study for my daughter as she finished high-school and a four year degree at University.

Venus just always seemed to be there, around when you needed her.  A stunning lady with a soft voice, and even softer fur to cuddle.  Always ready to sit on your lap when you are feeling sad, but never in the mood to share my lap with knitting.  I guess she new she was much softer to the touch than any yarn could ever be, and never felt the need to compete.

As she got older, she was a very peaceful and quiet lady, sleeping in front of the stove, where the heat from baking and cooking made her feel very comfortable.  It so reminded me of older farm-houses, with the cats or dogs in front of the stove or fireplace.

But this winter, she decided to go to the “happy hunting grounds” where all good Kitties go.

She will be missed in our home, and her place will never be filled.

(Not so) Idle Hands

Now that two of my scarves are done and off the needles, I did a few other projects, that I had been planning and wanting to finish for a while.

In my Molly Makes Magazine was a free little sewing project, a cute sausage dog, that I made and am now using as a pin cushion for when I am blocking my knitting.

I also made some earrings, it was about time, I needed a few new pairs to update my collection.

And this Celtic inspired chain-maile piece, that I attached to a large silver pin, that works wonders as a scarf or shawl pin.

I have started a long pendant / lariat as well, I am working on this one still.  I did a few pieces that will become a beaded tassle, but am still a bit undecided about the upper piece.  The design calls for chain, but I might change it a bit and use more beads, etc.



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