Progress on the sweater that I am knitting for my daughter.  It is going very well, and I should be finished within the week, then just the button bands and buttons.  It looks smaller on the photos than it actually is.



Progress on the summer scarf has been slow and steady as well.  I have been favouring the sweater a bit, as I really want her to be able to wear it, the days here are getting more pleasant each day.



My current WIP’s

Finally I have started on the planned “summer scarf” that I wanted to knit during the winter to have it ready for the pleasant Spring weather.  It is a cotton yarn, and I decided on a lace pattern to keep it light and airy.

This is a very easy pattern to knit and follow, and I am actually making good progress, it might still even be ready for late Spring.


My daughter is getting her promised sweater.  She gets a hand knitted sweater each year.  This year she choose a lighter coloured yarn, wanting something to wear when the days are warming up, but you still need a little something.

This sweater will be just over the waist and with three-quarter sleeves, making it nice to wear during the Spring months.

I am using the pattern Miette, but making various adjustments as I need to.  It needs to be longer and the yarn is not quite similar.

X-Mas in July!

This year, Xmas came in July!  Thanks to Salpal1, of “whatimuptotoday“.

Salpal was making over the Craftroom and decided to share some of the stunning fabrics with the rest of us and have a “giveaway”.  I have never had the chance to actually win something so pretty and beautiful.  I always do enter at every opportunity I get.  :-)

And this time, it was my lucky day as the random number chosen was mine.  I was the lucky one to win these stunning beauties.

This weekend the package arrived!  Much faster than I anticipated.  I have previous told my daughter about the win, and she was just as excited as I was.  She is a quilter, and loves fabrics.  We both eagerly opened the package and could not believe all the stunning fabrics.  And we were spoiled even more with a whole bag of gorgeous Festive Season themed ribbons and even tiny silver bells.

We both decided to make a quilted something first for our homes for the Festive Season, and decided on table runners.  We looked at patterns and designs.  I loved the older and more traditional designs, and she is more of a modern girl.  But we agreed, if we were to quilt something we can start soon, and work with the pretty fabrics, so we can we ready for Xmas.  :-)

Soon we will have a day or two set aside to cut patterns and templates and prepare and cut fabric.  We are both very happy for this stunning Giveaway!

Thanks Salpal1.  We love our fabrics!

What I am up to….!

I thought I would share a few things with you.  This is just a quick look at my world the past week.

This is the street at my daughters place, I was waiting outside for her so we can meet for breakfast.  (we do that quite often)  They live in a stunning old neighborhood with beautiful trees.

We all love coffee, and this is one of our favourite little places in Rosebank for a quick cup, whether sitting down to enjoy it or getting a take-away.

And since I always seem to have loads of notebooks around for that moment when an idea for a project comes to mind, I decided to keep them all safety tucked together.

Bunnies and Owlies.  Some of my new loves!  I simply could not resist these pretty owlies, and this very cute slender bunny.

Canadian Love

Last week I received my swap package, all the way from Canada!  I did not open it as we were allowed to open on 1 August only.

I was over the moon with joy for the lovely goodies in my package.  I got a stunning shawl in a very pretty simple design that wears and drapes beautifully, and is so very soft.  Plus a skein of very very soft green yarn.

As I am always trying out new things, my swap buddy sent me a small kit with embroidery ribbons and cloth.  What a perfect way to start on something I have not yet tried.

My swap buddy no longer embroiders, as she now prefers to spin, and decided to gift me her whole collection of embroidery cottons and a small pattern with a cute kitty on.  I could hardly believe my luck.  So many cottons and colours.  I had a sewing box in storage that I have not used for such a long time, but when I received these pretty sewing goodies, I could not resist but to go and get my box again.  It now proudly houses all my new cottons.

And it came just in time.  Soon the days will be moving towards Spring here, and getting warmer, with the result that I will be knitting a bit less.  Now I can look forward to many hours of embroidery during those lovely Spring days.

Little Yellow Duck Project

As part of a group on Ravelry we were recently challenged to join the Little Yellow Duck Project and put South Africa on the map.

What is the Little Yellow Duck Project?

The Little Yellow Duck Project involves people around the world handcrafting little yellow duck gifts as random acts of kindness that are left in public places for others to find.  A special tag on each one invites the finder to take their gift home to brighten their day and to visit their website to register where they found their gift.  The hope is that the stories and information found here on the website, will encourage them to pledge their own random act of kindness by registering to donate blood, bone marrow, organs tissues.

As things goes around here, you should probably never challenge a South African, as we are almost always up to the challenge.

The moderators of two SA Ravelry groups decided to divide SA into two areas, the North and the South, to have a smaller challenge within a bigger challenge.  Living in Johannesburg, I am in the Northern group.

This project is close to my heart, as my daughter, my sister and myself are already blood donors.  I immediately started to make a few little yellow ducks.  As I am an avid Game of Thrones fan, and being in the North, with some friends in the South, I could not resist naming my Duckies after characters from Game of Thrones.  I have started with a few, Tyrion, Robb Stark, Jon Snow to name a few.  I hope they do their namesakes proud.

Our aim in SA is to set the duckies free during the month of August, for our own smaller contests and prizes to be won.  Thereafter we will still set ducks free to keep the project going and still drive awareness.

These are my first Duckies, ready for setting free in the Urban Jungle here in Johannesbug.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Handmade Small Giraffe

This is a small and quick project that I just started.  She was just so cute, I could not resist making her.


All stitched up.  Now ready to create her ears, horns, face and fur.  She is going very quickly and will be finished much faster than I had thought.



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