Winter is coming

It is definitely getting cooler here in Johannesburg.  Fall is now on its way, and the evenings are cooling down earlier than usual.  It is still pretty comfortable during the day, and the sun is pleasant.

But I am getting ready for Winter.  I finally finished the Fly-Away Beret, that I had been working on for quite some time.  It turned out very pretty, and I look forward to the first cold days that I can wear it.

And with the cooler weather, I have decided to start two new scarves for the colder days.  I am excited to get started, and I will be casting on these pretty soon.


I love Johannesburg

I am such a Jozi Girl.

When I saw this snow-globe in a store recently, I just could not resist it.

Johannesburg is know as “Egoli, the City of Gold” Thanks to the goldrush in 1886, gold was found and Johannesburg established.

The globe has all the iconic building of Johannesburg, i.e. The Hillbrow Tower, Ponte City Apartments, Sandton City, the  Michelangelo hotel, the Nelson Mandela Bridge, City Taxis, and much more.

Even the “snow” in the globe is little golden glitter flecks.


I Love Johannesburg.


New Stash

I ordered these very beautiful yarns online from Natural Yarns, in Cape Town.  (

The 2 single skeins are Merino Singles, in To Soft for Socks.  The colourways are Seascape and Coral.  Carle dyed them specially for this month, and they are so worth the wait.  It was not so easy, as we had lots of rains, but they are here, and stunning.



The Manos is Silk Blend, and as usual, perfectly soft and so beautiful.  I am eager to start a project with this stunning yarn.



Some new plans & ideas

My sister makes the most stunning mini bears, and she has persuaded me to also make some.  I have bought the kit for a Bunny, and now the kit is sitting on my worktable, ready to be opened and started.  I have a few long-weekends coming up during April, and this cute and sweet Bunny is being planned for then.

2014-03-16 10.07.10

But as always, I can not resist my pretty beads.  I recently bought these stunning crystals, and have already got so many ideas for them.  I want to make myself a few pairs of new earrings, and off course, a pretty bracelet or two.  They will be just perfect to brighten up any winter’s day.

2014-03-23 17.31.23 2014-03-23 17.34.30

2014 Swap started

2014 has started, and I have started working on the first 2014 swap items, for my swap buddy.

I have decided to make these mittens for her, and I just love the pattern. Merletto Mitts, it is here:

It is a super pattern that knits so easy, I love it.

I am going to make a pair for myself as well, they are just to pretty to not knit more than once.

Being Spoiled

Everyday I count my blessing for being so fortunate to have a daughter and future son in law that are such very loving people.  I just love to spoil them both, they are very dear to me and close to my heart.

During December / January the two of them had the opportunity to visit Europe, i.e. Belgium, The Netherlands and France for their vacation.  They loved the countries they got to visit, and are planning to most definitely do it again.  They went in winter, hoping for snow, but it was just cold.  Next time they might go during spring or summer.

When they returned, I could not listen to them enough, of all the wonderful places they got to visit, all the things they experienced and saw.  It truly was a trip to remember.

And of course, I got spoiled with the most gorgeous lovely goodies from Europe.  They know me so very well and I was super-pleased with all my gifts.

They even took time out to go to De Afstap to get me stunning Addi knitting needles and crochet hook and sock pattern books.  Addi is not stocked here in Johannesburg, so to get them as a gift is the best ever.  The needles are so smooth and makes for perfect knitting projects.

I love Giraffes, and the little “Eiffel tower giraffe” from Paris is just too cute for words.  Not to mention the pretty snowglobe and clogs from Holland.

Now the winter can arrive in all its glory.  I have a hat and gloves to keep me warm.  These gloves are so snug in their fit, they are most comfortable.  I will surely stand out in this hat!

Not to mention all the yummy-good sweets and biscuits I got to nibble on.  My ultimate favourite will always be Speculaas.  And kitchen goodies, with potholders I have not yet come across.

Since I am now collecting magnets from different countries, I got lovely new ones to add to my collection, also a beautiful lace ornament from Belgium and a bag from the Rijksmuseum, which is the perfect project bag for those larger knitting projects.


2013 Swap Overview

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I had so much fun in 2013 with the International Swaps that I participated in.

It was mostly for the swapping to socks knitted for me, and me knitting socks for my swap partner.

But we also indulged in other precious goodies, like mittens and hats.  I even ventured out and started on crochet again for a swap partner, and crocheted her a very soft Angora hat and scarf.

Since I joined the international swap scene I have received the most wonderful packages and gifts.  It was so awesome to receive gifts and goodies that I am not able to buy here.  So I most definitely going to carryon this trend in 2014 and continuing the swapping with partners from all over the world.

To my swap partners, thanks for being such great swap buddies and spoiling me so very much.

Happy knitting to all.


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